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Joey LaBeija

Long Clothing Mixtape
Joey LaBeija is a Puerto Rican/Italian ghetto punk from the Bronx, NY.

Only 4 months after his dj debut, he quickly gained notoriety in Tokyo, Japan and headlined at 'Fancy Him' - an iconic monthly institution in the heart of Shinjuku. Since then, he has dj'd amongst the likes of MikeQ, Rizzla, Mess Kid, Honey Dijon, Angel X & Roxy Cottontail.

Now Joey is expanding his musical portfolio to include production, he gives us a taste of what's up his sleeve in his newest mix for Long Clothing, inspired by Text Message Breakups - this is a mixtape for those who have found their knight in shining armour to be nothing but a P*$$Y wrapped in tin foil and are looking to break out of the shackles of emotional distress and just dance.

Alongside the mixtape, Joey LaBeija has also given us an exclusive Bootleg track available for free download from the Long Clothing website.
Entitled "Someone broke into my icebox", LaBeija pairs together the classic Omarion, Ice Box vocal with Nguzunguzu's unmistakeable "Break In" instrumental, to create a sparse, melancholic, future R'n'B hybrid.

For full tracklisting visit our Soundcloud

Joey LaBeija